You are a Badass at Making Money Book Cover

Book Review: You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

There are various schools of thought in the personal finance literature. Some focus on practicing frugal living, some on obtaining assets for passive income, and others still that emphasize stock portfolio balancing.  One branch stands apart from the rest in that it focus on your personal mindset.  According to this school of thought, the biggest obstacle to becoming wealthy is…

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Stock Trading Basics – The Framework

There are three things that are crucial to financial independence and early retirement: making money, saving money, and managing investments.  Yet if there is one method of making money that is scorned and rarely talked about in the FIRE community it is stock trading.  Many people pore over different stock investment strategies, i.e. maximizing 401ks and IRAs, snowballing with dividend…

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Monthly Update

It’s been another great month at the FIRE household.  First, a stock that I have a great deal of money in went up another 52% from the 30% it increased last month, growing the position value from $57.8k to $121k. I don’t foresee such great returns in the future, but in another week I will have held onto the stock…

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