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Monthly Update

Another month, another monthly update!  I’ve cashed in some assets for the new bathroom remodel, with my bonds totaling to $2,000 and my work stock options for another $4,000.  I then dropped around $5,850 dollars so far on the work ($3,300 for plumber, $1000 for shower walls, $1000 for shower glass, $150 for shower pan, $250 for concrete and jack…

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The Thinker by Rodin

Stock Trading Basics – Mental Management

Here is a question for you: if you think with your mind, how can you control it? It’s kind of like grabbing a ruler to measure a board of wood and the ruler grabs you back.  And how can you measure the wood when the ruler that is grabbing you back is also sawing away at the end of the…

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Stock Trading Basics – The Mindset

Trading stocks is hard. You need to guess the right stock, the right price, and the right direction in order to make money. Options are even harder, because the contracts come with an expiration date before which your prediction must come true. That’s four obstacles you need to overcome in order to get ahead. In truth though, there is a…

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PVC plumbing tubes

Bathroom Remodeling – Permits and Plumbing

It’s been a bit of work, but I’m making more progress on the bathroom remodel. After we hauled the concrete out of the basement I went over to city hall to pull a permit for installing the new plumbing and fixtures in the bathroom…and instead left with permits for the framing, electrical and more. I understand why they’re needed to…

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Bathroom Remodeling – Demolition

Hi all, I haven’t written much lately because the long-discussed basement bathroom is finally underway.  I was waiting for ages to hear back from the plumber on his availability when suddenly he was free to do the work the very next weekend.  The starting price was $4,500 for the entire job, but he gave me a $800 discount if I paid…

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Stock Trading Basics – Risk Management

As discussed previously, when it comes to trading stocks the second most important thing after having a basic framework for understanding value and trends in the market is practicing sound risk management. This is because trading, like all human endeavors, does not follow any sort of strict physical laws. Not only is price influenced by emotions like fear, greed and…

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