House Framing

Bathroom Remodeling – Framing and Electrical

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been working on remodeling my bathroom downstairs to increase the rent of my mother in law suit. Alas, like all good projects we hit a snag! First, we lost the battle with the city inspector and had to call the plumber back in to replace the coupling in the floor. Then we invited my Dad…

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Work can be Hell

The Job Strikes Back

A dark shadow looms over the land. An oppressive power holds the people in chains. Lives are crushed at a whim and the power that symbolizes it hangs in the sky like an ever-present reminder of doom.  No, I’m not talking about a science fiction classic. I’m talking about a job. I’ve been driven to write this due to my…

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Debt Freedom

No More Harvard Debt and Extreme Debt Payoff Strategies

I just finished reading No More Harvard Debt and I’ll admit that it’s close to the perfect blog. Author Joe Mihalic writes with personality, gives extensive details of his finances, and keeps it short by ending the blog once its served its purpose. It’s even better watching his evolution from a free-spending, career-obsessed bro to a frugal, outsider reevaluating life…

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