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Mortgage Before Investments

Pay off the mortgage or invest your savings in the market? If there was ever a ninja vs. pirate debate in the FIRE community it’s this one. My foray into the debate is inspired by another article on the subject posted on a blog called Their Money Goals. The authors argued that comparing the inflation return on a house of, say,…

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Hair Trimming

The $109,000 Hair Cut

I’m a little unusual for a guy.  Rather than go to a walk-in barbershop and getting assigned a random barber to cut my hair, I’ve seen the same barber/stylist for the last 30 years. My dad brought me in to see her when I was a child and I’ve always made it a point of using her when I needed…

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Stock Trading Success

Let the Trading Begin

The clouds have cleared and the great weight is lifted. The worry is gone and bright days are ahead. I’m not talking about the weather, but my own mentality.  What is making me so happy? I finally closed out my largest stock position. I had gotten into this stock in October/Nov of 2016, should have gotten out in October 2017,…

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Monthly Update

Well, the weather has cleared and the bathroom is done. It finally feels like I can live again! After this rotten winter I definitely plan on spending as much time as possible outside.Fortunately I did most of my gardening last year, so this year will revolve a lot more around long bike rides, fire pits, and hammocks 🙂 Financially speaking…

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