The Fastest Way to Go Broke

What is the quickest way for you to financially lose it all? Spend more than you make and go into credit card debt? Buy too much house, too much car, and then lose your job? Get divorced? No, the fastest way to go broke is…

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Building Farm Truss Farmhouse Fachwerkhaus

Mortgage Before Investments

Pay off the mortgage or invest your savings in the market? If there was ever a ninja vs. pirate debate in the FIRE community it’s this one. My foray into the debate is inspired by another article on the subject posted on a blog called Their…

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The Creator of the Sun and Moon

Even God Agrees: You Should Retire Early

That’s right, I said it: Even God thinks that you should retire early.  I know what you’re thinking: “Man, I just wanted to learn about early retirement. Why did you need to bring religion into this? We were getting along so well.”  I’m sorry, but…

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A Financially Sound Country

According to a study done by, barely 6 in 10 Americans can afford to write a check for $500 and barely 56% of people have more than $1000 in their checking and savings account combined [1]  Another survey found that 1/4 retirees has zero…

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