The Creator of the Sun and Moon

Even God Agrees: You Should Retire Early

That’s right, I said it: Even God thinks that you should retire early.  I know what you’re thinking: “Man, I just wanted to learn about early retirement. Why did you need to bring religion into this? We were getting along so well.”  I’m sorry, but…

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Morning Meeting

Be Wealthy with Others, or Poor on Your Own

It’s often said in the self-help literature and online articles that social/emotional intelligence is a key determinant of economic success, particularly in helping people up the career ladder. I can say that this is true from experience, having witnessed brilliant people get fired due to…

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PVC plumbing tubes

Bathroom Remodeling – Permits and Plumbing

It’s been a bit of work, but I’m making more progress on the bathroom remodel. After we hauled the concrete out of the basement I went over to city hall to pull a permit for installing the new plumbing and fixtures in the bathroom…and instead…

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Bathroom Remodeling – Demolition

Hi all, I haven’t written much lately because the long-discussed basement bathroom is finally underway.  I was waiting for ages to hear back from the plumber on his availability when suddenly he was free to do the work the very next weekend.  The starting price was…

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Get Rich with Toastmasters

People often say that money doesn’t grow on trees. What’s less often said is that you can create money with your mouth. Strong communication skills are closely tied to personal success and earning potential.  If you’re someone who can speak clearly, succinctly, and memorably, then…

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Financial Independence through Temp Work

Financial independence through temp work – a statement that makes people question your sanity! How in the world can taking a short-term job with low pay and crappy healthcare help you get ahead? No matter what the wage is, it’s only half of what the…

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