Old man with wrench

Work Until You Die

“Life is very different now. Don’t you know that 100 years ago the average life expectancy was 40?” This random comment wafted my way last week after some coworkers started chatting the next cube over. They were talking about how people needed to pay more attention to their health, and plan for their retirement earlier, since what we were experiencing…

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The Creator of the Sun and Moon

Even God Agrees: You Should Retire Early

That’s right, I said it: Even God thinks that you should retire early.  I know what you’re thinking: “Man, I just wanted to learn about early retirement. Why did you need to bring religion into this? We were getting along so well.”  I’m sorry, but I bring it up to make a point. Many here in the FIRE community propose…

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Contemplation by Thomas Couture, 1875

Is Early Retirement the Moral Thing to Do?

I was reading an article on The Green Swan recently, and blogger JW’s article Why The Government Doesn’t Want You To Retire Early which struck a chord with me. JW argues that of the US governments $6.5 trillion in revenue, 2/3rds of this comes from the income tax and associated FICA (social security and medicare) tax. Moreover, for many Americans the…

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Debt Freedom

No More Harvard Debt and Extreme Debt Payoff Strategies

I just finished reading No More Harvard Debt and I’ll admit that it’s close to the perfect blog. Author Joe Mihalic writes with personality, gives extensive details of his finances, and keeps it short by ending the blog once its served its purpose. It’s even better watching his evolution from a free-spending, career-obsessed bro to a frugal, outsider reevaluating life…

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What Makes This Blog Different

I love books. This is ironic since one of my earliest childhood memories is my Mom teaching me to read – and I absolutely despised it. Whenever she’d bust out yet another pack of flashcards with words to memorize I’d desperately want to flip the coffee table through a window and run away.  Mom knew what she was doing though…

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My Goals & Strategy

I’m posting this on a rather inauspicious day, but since this blog will be focusing on achieving financial independence I have to detail at some point my overall goals and starting position. These are ambitious goals,even intimidating goals now that I have them staring back out at me from the page. There is nothing like putting fuzzy ideas on paper…

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Let’s Begin

Hello everyone, welcome to this site! My name is John and I am writing this blog to detail my journey from cube dweller to financially free retiree.  I am presently 31 years old and would like to retire by age 40 in 2026. I’ve been motivated to tackle this arduous goal by a number of things. First, after working several…

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