Monthly Update

Monthly Update

Time for another monthly update! This month hasn’t been as good as the previous ones (if only that trend would continue forever!), I’m still plugging away and making progress at paying down my debts.

My equity wealth dropped this month about $20k due to the main stock that I’m invested in.  While the stock boomed in mid-October, the price dropped considerably by the time I was able to hold it past the year mark and get capital gains taxes on the sale. I’m now waiting for it increase a bit again before selling it, booking profits, and looking for something different. Trading has its risks, but I can always make money back if I lose it. I can never make my time back and dread the idea of being trapped here for another year.

Otherwise, there have been no major cost savings lately, and I’m anticipating my spending going up a little with the holidays. Fortunately most people in my family are older and expect less presents, but those savings may be countered as my car is due to have its oil changed and who knows what the mechanics will find once they start poking around in there. I also want some extra cash for the bathroom remodel later this winter. Once I get that off my plate I’ll really be able to drop everything into my debts, pay them off, and then lower my expenses. As such, I’ll be holding more cash than usual for the next month or two.

Updated figures are below.


$4k in cash
$1,650 in bonds
$29.27k in 401k/Roth IRA
$109.2k in stocks
$102.1k home equity (House value $290k – Home mortgage $187.9k, )


$11.9k in a personal loan (@9%, being paid off at $534/mo)
$17.25k in school loans (@6%, being paid off at $600/mo)
$187.9k home mortgage (at 4.125%, being paid off at $1400/mo, half from me, half from a mother-in-law unit I rent out)


$650/mo in rent, on a month-by-month basis

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