Monthly Update

Monthly Update

Trees in Spring

The weather has not improved much lately here in Minnesota, but the bathroom remodel project has made good strides – all that’s left is the painting and I can call it a day. To that end though, the fallout from my epic disaster with my roommate’s girlfriend continues. He decided to stay with her (despite the mess she’s made of his life) and as a result will be moving out in April since he can’t afford to maintain two places. He now wants some compensation for his work on the bathroom since he will no longer be living here. I’ll give him month of April for free, but this will cost me an extra $600-$1500 depending on how negotiations proceed.  Its definitely not how I thought our relationship would end, but he’s made his choices :-/

Besides that, my cash in hand has dropped a few hundred and my stock portfolio is down since the last month on the market has been tumultous. I decided to include my employee stock options in the asset column now, so that its not a surprise when its exercised every January and July.

My cashflow is at $0 for the month on my rental, but beginning next months I’ll be able to increase rents earlier than planned. I’m shooting for $900 a month, but we’ll see if that’s possible. I think that rents have softened a little bit recently thanks to the overbuilding of luxury units elsewhere in the metro area. Either way, I plan on adding internet access as something that the tenant will have to help pay for, because I could’ve saved hundreds if I made that part of the deal last time. I’m more than happy halving my internet speed (and cost) but haven’t done so due to the tenants.

As for liabilities, I paid off most of my debt last month and the only reason why I’m carrying anything now is because of new disposal fees from hiring a company to take my construction debris away, and the suddent addition of my roommate’s fees to the total.  I don’t want to pay everything off all at once in case I’m suddenly short cash when a mortgage payment is due.  My family is willing to wait a month or two until I start paying them back.  A multi-billion company like Wells Fargo is not. My various loans are also steadily decreasing, if not as much as I had planned when I got back $4k from the government on taxes.  I’m really glad that people were willing to work so cheaply on this bathroom project because I had enough loose cash to pay for it, and not much else.

Updated figures are below. For the chart, the green assets line is plotted against the left axis, and the other lines against the right axis. The projected passive income is what I would get if I converted all of my assets to an index fund with a 3% return (the average 7% market gain – 4% inflation).

Wealth Chart 201803
Wealth Chart 201803


$2.3k in cash
$32.3 in 401k/Roth IRA
$75.6 in stocks
$103.9k home equity (House value $290k – Home mortgage $186.1k)
$750 employee stock contributions


$5.6k  (@9%, being paid off at $534/mo) (~14 months until finished at base rate) (old 7.2k)
$15.2k (@6%, being paid off at $600/mo) (~31 months until finished at the base rate)
$186.1k at 4.125%, being paid off at $1400/mo, half from me, half from a mother-in-law unit I rent out)
$600 in credit card debt
$3,000 owed to father for electrical work
$600-$1500 owed to roommate for construction work


$0/mo in rent, on a month-by-month basis (gave my roommate three months of free rent in lieu of payment)

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