Plato and Aristotle

The Real World and Integrity

Every once in a while things just click, that the many strands of thought and experiences you’ve had suddenly develop a pattern that you had never grasped before. I realized this in several aspects of my life recently, but one that I want to talk…

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Man alone in the dark

Failure to Launch

“I’m a grown adult. It’s my money, I earned it, and I’ll do what I want with it!” A friend of mine shouted these words recently when he dropped a bomb on me: he was thinking of moving out of his parents’ house. This is a…

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A Financially Sound Country

According to a study done by, barely 6 in 10 Americans can afford to write a check for $500 and barely 56% of people have more than $1000 in their checking and savings account combined [1]  Another survey found that 1/4 retirees has zero…

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