Plato and Aristotle

The Real World and Integrity

Every once in a great while you feel like things just click, that the many strands of thought and experiences you’ve had suddenly develop a pattern, a commonality that you had never grasped before. I realized this in several aspects of my life recently, but one that I want to talk about today is the idea that there is a…

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Water and FIRE: Dating and Frugality Don’t Mix

Her shoulders stiffed and her smile became like plastic. Shutters went down behind her eyes and her fingers went inert, like sticks of dry kindling. My date was not going well in the slightest! What did I say to make her draw back so much? That I had just paid off my student loans and was saving more money than…

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Tactical Guide to Women

Book Review: The Tactical Guide to Women by Shawn T. Smith

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” Isaac Netwon gave this profound quote centuries ago, but its spirit lives on today when we meet authors who truly add to our understanding of how the world works and how disparate schools of thought relate to each other at a deeper level than expected.…

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Man relaxing

FIRE on the Cheap

What are the best ways to improve your life with the least amount of money? The FIRE movement is about much more than the 4% rule, compounding returns, and house hacking. It is in large part about how to create a low stress, meaningful life with the freedom to do what you want. However, the journey can easily take a…

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The Creator of the Sun and Moon

Even God Agrees: You Should Retire Early

That’s right, I said it: Even God thinks that you should retire early.  I know what you’re thinking: “Man, I just wanted to learn about early retirement. Why did you need to bring religion into this? We were getting along so well.”  I’m sorry, but I bring it up to make a point. Many here in the FIRE community propose…

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Progress chart

2018 New Year’s Resolution Update

Today will be a short post. Its been a few months since I’ve last discussed my New Year’s Eve goals, but I feel that now is a good time to rehash it. The more I focus on them after all, the more likely it is that I will attain them! after all! Spend next to nothing outside of food &…

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Contemplation by Thomas Couture, 1875

Is Early Retirement the Moral Thing to Do?

I was reading an article on The Green Swan recently, and blogger JW’s article Why The Government Doesn’t Want You To Retire Early which struck a chord with me. JW argues that of the US governments $6.5 trillion in revenue, 2/3rds of this comes from the income tax and associated FICA (social security and medicare) tax. Moreover, for many Americans the…

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Debt Freedom

No More Harvard Debt and Extreme Debt Payoff Strategies

I just finished reading No More Harvard Debt and I’ll admit that it’s close to the perfect blog. Author Joe Mihalic writes with personality, gives extensive details of his finances, and keeps it short by ending the blog once its served its purpose. It’s even better watching his evolution from a free-spending, career-obsessed bro to a frugal, outsider reevaluating life…

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New Year’s Resolutions 2018

With the New Year coming up, its time to think up resolutions for how being a better person next year. Some people dislike making resolutions as most are broken in short order, but since I still complete 30-40% of mine on average, I’m still a fan.  I have found over the years though that the fewer you have, the more…

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Adventures in Life Style Design (pt. 1)

Lately I have been reading Tim Ferriss’ 4 Hour Work Week (of which I will write more later in a book review) and was inspired by his rendition of the  Pareto Law and Parkinson’s Law. The former states that 80% of results come from 20% of causes, and the latter that the importance and complexity of any tasks grows the…

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